Twitter Tests New Direct DM Option. Straight from Tweets...

Updated: Feb 7

Twitter wants to make starting conversations a little bit easier.

Twitter is exploring a new way to send DMs on iOS, and it involves letting users slide into your inbox through a link on your tweets, bypassing the DM button on your profile. The platform says this will make it easier to “start a conversation” from your timeline.

As explained by Twitter:

“Our team is continually looking for ways to make conversations more accessible for everyone on Twitter. We are currently exploring new ways to give people more control over their conversations with private replies, a feature that allows you to respond to an author’s Tweet directly via their DMs. With this added control, people can continue the conversation off the timeline if they don’t feel comfortable doing so publicly.”

While many believe this is a great way to open a new dialogue with other Twitter users, there are concerns this will breach the safety of some users:

The Tweet has gathered over 2.5K likes and over 180 retweets. With many joining in on the conversation in support of the NYC public defender, Twitter Support are encouraging users to revisit their privacy settings and making the platform aware of any abuse of the rules:

"We understand the concern. Our goal here is to make it easier to engage with a Tweet - sometimes replying publicly can be daunting.

If you're getting unwanted DMs, you can limit who can DM you in settings, block an account, or report a message if you think it breaks our rules."

You can follow the whole thread here.