Meta: Facebook IQ publishes a new 2022 cultural trends report.

Updated: Feb 21

As marketers on social media, we all know how important it is to keep on top of the latest trends across all platforms. These trends are an insight into new conversations and new ways to market to an audience.

Yesterday, Facebook IQ (the insights unit aimed at helping marketers better understand how people are communicating on and offline) published a new cultural trends report - Culture Rising: 2022 Trends Report - an overview of evolving trend shifts, based on billions of online posts and comments from across their platforms, and it's no surprise the pandemic has had a huge influence on the evolving conversations -

Facebook IQ wrote in the report’s introduction:

"The physical, mental and spiritual effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been profound. In our latest global foresight survey, we found out that the future isn't what it used to be: 37% of the respondents say the pandemic spurred them to re-evaluate their purpose and priorities in life, while 41% said that if they could redo it, they'd choose a different career. And 65% now expect more out of work and life.

These are just a few of the startling statistics that animated Culture Rising: 2022 Trends Report, formerly known as the Topics and Trends Report. We reinvented our approach this year, adopting a new foresight methodology that helped us discover the deeper cultural trends below the data, revealing not only where we've been but where we may be going."

Meta’s report is well worth a read as it incorporates 600,000 unique conversation topics, based on discussions among its more than 3 billion users. The report integrates 15 months of conversation data, and 21 months of hashtag use, to identify these rising trends and shifts, which could be extremely valuable as a planning document for marketers in the social media space.

You can download the full report here. Meta has also published a one-page overview of the key themes, which you can see below.